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IoT Convergent Smart Lighting Controls – India needs it the most!

Global Smart lighting market is estimated to touch USD 19.47 billion till 2022, and this substantial growth in the market is due to demand of IoT technology and energy saving lighting systems. No doubt, these figures are quite promising, but the situation is different in India. In India, smart lighting controls are still in nascent stage and its total presence in the country is less than 5%.  The reasons behind this are:

  • General resistance towards adoption of modern technology
  • Limited information about the health and energy-efficient benefits of the systems
  • Limited information about the involved cost
  • Limited adoption since perceived as complex, luxurious and high-end systems

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Why India needs lighting automation than any other country?

India is a developing country and to transform it into a smart nation, automation is a must, and it is not an expense, but an investment. Let’s put some points of smart lighting controls under the limelight in this regard.

  • Energy Efficiency: In any commercial building, lighting load contributes to almost 30-40% of total load and switching to automated lighting controls can save 60-70% of overall energy. These controls are responsible for turning lights off and on as required while maintaining a high standard of comfort among users. Lighting controls generally means controlling lights based on occupancy, which is true but it is much beyond to give you efficient usage of energy with optimal lighting. Using control strategies like day light harvesting, load balancing, task tuning etc. will further optimize the energy usage for lighting in any commercial building. By using lights in such a manner that the level of light is always matched with the real requirement of the user, saves energy cost and caters human comfort with efficiency. Hence, implementation of lighting control system in commercial spaces is becoming an unavoidable aspect because of its efficacy in energy savings.
  • Cost-effective systems: Initially, these systems may seem expensive, but there are considerable advantages of lighting controls, which make them cost-effective systems. These include: durability, less operation maintenance, minimizing HVAC load along with controlling lights, security provision, lighting system fail notification, interior GPS, humidity and carbon dioxide level measurement, and the most crucial amongst all is that it is a Human Centric Control Lighting. Thus, they cover everything under one roof! The above aspects not only grant a well-rounded control perspective but consistently save your money in the long term.
  • Health along with smartness: Medical science has proven that lighting has a direct as well as the intense impact on the overall health and wellness of mind and body. Lighting does play a pivotal role in various health concerns, right from vision and metabolism up to the hormone secretion. Thus, a variety of work and living facilities are now adopting the newer, smarter yet economic lighting automation systems to maximize productivity and lower the downtime. At the same time, the users are enjoying a healthier and easier life.

The above reasons are primarily responsible for the urgent adoption of the automated lighting systems all over the world. In India, typically, with its exploding urban population and space-time contingencies, automated lighting is a long-awaited boon for the people, for making their life easier and healthier.

India’s lighting automation market is estimated to rise at a CAGR of 12.5% between 2017-2023, as many companies have identified an acute need to efficient usage of power along with the need to support their work force for higher efficacies through better mental and physical health. Moreover, a sharp increase in government initiatives, construction market and rise in demand for next-generation lighting systems has given way to an exponential growth in the lighting controls demand in India. Smart lighting controls have registered highest installation in the commercial sector like towers, shopping centers, hospitals, hotels etc in 2016.

So, now save money, save energy and fuel up the bottom lines of your business with smart lighting controls. Let’s make our lives a lot easier, efficient and healthier. What are you waiting for?

Sudhir Patil
CEO – Leap Info Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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