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Are you ready for Human Centric Lighting?

Human Centric Lighting is now a buzzword in the market which shows that human performance depends on lighting design to an appreciable extent. Gone are the days when lights were exclusively used to provide illumination. Its importance goes far beyond that. Research has shown that certain wavelengths of light have greater influence on human concentration and performance. It is a proven fact now that our physiological response solely depends on light’s quality like intensity, spectrum and timing. And, thus the role of human centric lighting (HCL) in our daily life can’t be neglected.

Human Centric Lighting changes the pattern of light as per user needs in order to stimulate biological cycle and improve cognitive performance. This technology is gaining popularity because of latest innovations in lighting field. Researchers say that light satisfies both visual and non-visual requirements- and learning this interaction has given rise to a complete new arena of applications.

These propitious lightening systems offer endless possibilities to entrepreneurs who want to fuel up productivity and performance in their offices.

Why Human Centric Lighting?

This lighting system supports the human circadian system, thus blessing them with good health and welfare. The technique is aptly suitable in offices, as employees spend most of their time there. The main aim of this lighting is to enable the workforce to carry out their task without any hassles while lowering their general as well as work-related anxiety. Most of the big companies spend good amount of budget in recreational activities, as they want their employees to remain happy and refreshed in the office. Well, Human Centric Lighting is an add-on in the happiness of employees.

For example, there is always a need to elevate productivity gap after lunch time. And HCL can achieve it by adjusting luminance and color temperature, which will keep employees refreshed. This technology also takes care of employees’ health by supporting ‘sleep-and-wake’ cycle. Let’s take a quick look at some more benefits of HCL:

  • Exposure to quality light will increase the feeling of liveliness and alertness among employees, during day as well as night time.
  • Quality light setting will augment job satisfaction, which will increase company’s ROI.
  • Supports human circadian rhythm
  • Increases concentration
  • Prevents sleeping disorder
  • Improves well-being

So, all these benefits will make employees more comfortable, boost productivity, lower down human errors and work-related hazards. Eventually this results in employee retention, which builds company’s reputation- the two important facets for sustained success.

Statistics, Showing HCL’s Success

Human Centric Lighting is thriving and is estimated to earn billions in Europe alone. It is expected to touch €1.4 billion marked by 2020. It is also projected that in 2020, 4% of newly installed systems will employ HCL technology, which implies that every 25th newly implemented lighting technique will be based on human centric lighting strategy till decade end. An exponential rise is expected in this lighting technology till 2020 and is estimated to make a business of more than €300million.

Aren’t these figures telling the story of HCL success in near future? Yes, indeed this technology is going to make its own identity in the market.

Well, if you are still using standard lighting in your commercial offices, it’s the time to switch over to human centric one, which definitely proves to be a win-win solution for your company as well as for your employees.

Vinay Ghule
Founder & CTO – Leap Info Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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