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Lighting Innovations: A step beyond efficiency

Over many decades, countless millions have been spent by corporations worldwide on solutions that can potentially boost their employees’ productivity, reduce their stress levels, and create a welcoming workplace. But in terms of results, there is not much to show. At first, the idea that something as fundamental and as omnipresent as the light that we surround ourselves with, holds one of the keys to

Why DALI and only DALI when

The latest paradigms in the building management dictate varied new terms for selection of the utility strategies. One of the relevant amongst them states, “A system is profitable, only and only, when it stands the test of future compatibility right in the present” The same is true for the state-of-the-art lighting systems too, of course, along with other significant benefits. So, let us analyze the

Are you ready for Human Centric

Human Centric Lighting is now a buzzword in the market which shows that human performance depends on lighting design to an appreciable extent. Gone are the days when lights were exclusively used to provide illumination. Its importance goes far beyond that. Research has shown that certain wavelengths of light have greater influence on human concentration and performance. It is a proven fact now that our

Why do we need monitoring and

Usable energy is considered as one of the most valuable resources in the world, as our planet literally runs on it. Can you think of any routine chore where we do not consume energy in some form or other? With the exploding population and the recent technology burst (IoT and all), energy has indeed gained the most coveted place in our lives. It is quite

Work Light (and Life) Balance?

Open Letter to CEO Dear CEO, You have always been there for your people, making the workplace much more than just a workplace. Tight schedules, work pressures and deadlines take a toll on the employee enthusiasm and productivity. And, there is a serious need to apply a work-life balance through work-light balance; yes, you heard it right, it is “work-light” balance. Work-light balance when applied

IoT Convergent Smart Lighting Controls –

Global Smart lighting market is estimated to touch USD 19.47 billion till 2022, and this substantial growth in the market is due to demand of IoT technology and energy saving lighting systems. No doubt, these figures are quite promising, but the situation is different in India. In India, smart lighting controls are still in nascent stage and its total presence in the country is less

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