Automated Thermal Scanner

World impacting pandemic of Covid-19 did bring down the world to a grinding halt in early 2020. Though activities slowly started to re-open in 2nd half of the year, the spread is not fully under control. Fear of the second wave continues to loom all over the world.
The spread of this pandemic is mainly attributed to close contact with human beings. Lack of early detection of infected people or people with elevated body temperature, especially pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic is allowing them to freely go about their daily routines. They mix up with other people and are likely to spread the infection.

What’s special?
  • Detects issues before they become problems
  • Designed for everyday use in industrial and
    commercial environments
  • Real-time warning enabling personnel to respond quickly
  • Ideal for points of mass movement of people (Factories, malls, airports, railway stations, bus terminals, theatres, hotels, construction sites, religious places, educational institutes etc.)
How it works?
Benefits of Automated Thermal Scanner
  • Eliminates human error
  • Automated process, eliminates human intervention
  • Contactless thermal body scanning
  • Audiovisual alarm for the person with elevated body temperature
  • Large thru put. multiple people can be checked simultaneously
  • The facility of data capture of outlier cases is possible
Advantages of Thermal Screening

Thermal screening is a reliable mechanism than traditional thermometers to check the elevated body temperature of people in crowded places.

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