Human Centric Lighting

Simple and Flexible ‘Human Centric Lighting’ (HCL) by Leap®

Little known facts about Lighting

  • Natural Light is Dynamic from morning to evening in terms of intensity and correlated color temperature (CCT)
  • Artificial Light is static from wake-up to go-to-sleep.
    People spend 90% of their time indoor – exposed to artificial light.
  • Beyond ‘Vision’, light has significant impact on ‘Biological’ and ‘Emotional’ aspects of people.
  • Over long term, static lighting may result in to some chronic health conditions such as sleep disorders, obesity, depression etc.Leap Solutions for Smart and Connected Lighting

Reasons for poor lighting at workplace

  • Lack of awareness about ‘Lighting Design’
  • More the better thinking
  • Short term approach of LED-fication
  • Missing element of Lighting Automation and controls
  • Distributor driven market

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Leap HCL

What is Human Centric Lighting?

Lighting Design with automation and controls to complement human circadian rhythm thereby enhancing health and well being of people. What’s in store for you?

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Why HCL from Leap®?

  • Solution based on Open IoT platform
  • Convergence – Native integration with iBMS systems
  • Flexibility and vendor independence to the customers
  • Proven and reliable solution based on DALI (IEC 62386 standard)
  • Based on sound principles of Lighting Design
  • Easily Scalable

Simple & Intuitive Schedule Configuration

  • A very simple and user friendly schedule configuration
  • Schedules can be defined for various zones or areas to adjust shift working
  • CCT values can be changed by the authorized persons as desired


  • Improves performance of employees in office up to 12%
  • Productivity of workers increases by up to 18%
  • Increase in scores of Students
  • Increase in retail sales up to 25%
HCL Economics

Why LEAP Info Systems?

Leap Info Systems – A company leveraging power of Internet of Things (IoT) and Open Standards, interoperable technologies to deliver building and lighting controls & management, automation and energy management solutions

  • Vast 30+ years of collective experience into Software Development, Product Development, Automation and Maintenance Services
  • Certified and Competent Team
  • Tridium Niagara Certified Partner
  • Only elitedali™ Certified Partner in India
  • SL-BUS – India’s own IoT platform
  • Self Sufficient Support Systems
  • No locking for AMC’s – Enables for cost effective approach

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All solutions by Leap Info Systems are powered by Internet of Things (IoT) and robust Open Standard technologies. Leap is Certified Partner with Tridium Niagara and SL-Bus. Leap is also recognised as one and only elitedali™ Certified Partner in India.

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