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Totem is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for cybersecurity inventory, assessments, and monitoring of building controls systems (e.g., HVAC, lighting, elevator, security, parking, etc.) in commercial real estate.

Commercial buildings have multiple computer-driven controls systems and multiple corresponding contractors, which historically have had little to no cybersecurity policy or oversight.

This solution brings an automated approach to the critical risks in building control systems related to human behavior, which account for approximately 3/4 of all cybersecurity incidents* and can be divided into employee management and
vendor risk management (VRM).

Totem is a multi-functional tool that provides frontline tactical protections along with practical inventory data and backups, as well as strategic reporting across the organization.

This solution is meant to scale across all building controls systems and manufacturers and to remain a low-cost, high-value protection for owners and managers.

Totem Buildings Provides Critical Information for Risk Management
  • ACCESS: Who has access, what levels or permissions, and a record of use
  • ASSETS: Inventory of systems, devices, and software versions
  • BACKUP: Current backup of the system for easier, faster restoration
  • PATTERNS: Unusual traffic in the building, portfolio, or externally (optional)
  • ORGANIZATION: Documentation and reporting for SOC 2 processes and practices

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